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bYSI - a leading Singapore's fast fashion retailer targetting the sophisticated and trendy women of today - has carved out a unique fashion franchising concept since 2005 through unique store concepts and a high turnover of runway-inspired apparel and accessories designs monthly while keeping the products affordable.

We are looking for passionate partners who are entrepreneurial and dedicated to the growth of the brand for international markets.

Franchisee Terms and Condition

Business Model

  • Buying order: 4 seasonal collections differentiate by Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter
  • Product: Fast Fashion and Affordable luxury

Target Market

  • Globalized target market across similar lifestyles
  • 25 to 45 years old

Financial Assessments

  • Store Investment: USD $150,000 (including renovation cost and set up costs depending on store size)
  • Franchise fees: Upon Request
  • Royalty fees: Upon Request
  • Advertising fees: Contribution of 5% gross sales turnover (from franchisee)
  • Contract: 5 + 5 years
  • Financing support: No
  • Franchise support: Range planning & Buying, Customized collections for local markets, Advertising & Promotion, Product Training, Visual Merchandising, Operation and Service Training, Logistics.

Store Assessments

  • Total store size: 80 - 200 m²

Assessment phase

  • bYSI works on franchise agreements including a whole region or a whole country. If your franchisee profile meets the above initial prerequisites, please do fill up the form below and allow us to contact you.
  • We look to build the brand with you. bYSI welcomes franchisee to embark on a brand developing experience . Kindly note that bYSI do not go on partnering terms of wholesale locally or internationally.

For international franchising opportunities, Please fill up the enquiry form below:

If there are any franchising enquiries which you will like to send via email, please state your company's name and Franchising Enquires as the subject of your email to

All the information provided will be kept private and confidential.