bYSI® is proud to launch our newly redesigned website! We’ve heard the feedbacks and suggestions from our customers, and have specially tailored it to suit their needs and wants. By providing an improved destination to feed our customers’ shopping desires, we hope to give our customers a seamless shopping experience where they can not only make purchases easier (& faster!), but also be rewarded for shopping.

Upon entering our newly redesigned website, you will be able to notice immediately that there are streamlined menus on the top and bottom bar, simple navigation to all our product categories and many more new and exciting things.

So what are the things that you will love from bYSI®’s redesigned website right now?

1. Homepage

At a glance, you will be able to get to know our current or upcoming promotions, the products that are currently the most popular and quick links to get to where you want to go in one click. Because who doesn’t want to know what are the latest promotions we are offering immediately upon entering the website right? And the best part is, being aware of the latest trend from our “Trending Now” column so that customers are able to know what is going on around them.

2. Gift cards

Yes, gift cards! When it comes to a friend/family’s birthday or maybe you just wish to give your loved one something special to show that you care, there will always be a dilemma on to get. Now with bYSI®’s gift cards, you no longer have to worry. bYSI®’s gift cards are very flexible and easy to use. Although customers will not be able to specifically choose the price denominations, they will be able to personalize the message that they wish to send and manage the gift card balance when they register for their own account with us.