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About Us

About Us

"The fascinating world of Fashion simply makes a statement of who we are"

From a home-grown fashion label in Singapore, bYSI® started off with a humble store in Tiong Bahru Plaza in 1998 which promises customers “A New Woman Every Day”. Over the years, bYSI® has made a name for itself by delivering chic apparels to women at affordable prices. While being in the fashion industry was well known for its cut-throat competitiveness, brand founder, Mr Tan Yew Kiat, focused heavily on innovation and brand development ever since the start of his business life. Today, bYSI® has become an essential fashion choice for the sophisticated women.

bYSI® emphasizes above all else, the importance of committed service staff at retail outlets. The second syllable 'si' in bYSI® means 'yes' in Italian, which was meant to encourage a 'say yes' service attitude among the staff. Specifically, bYSI® means being served by people who say 'yes'. In 2015, international E-commerce website,, was established to reach out to the global market.

bYSI® believes that every woman should have the luxury to wear the latest and own a chic, relevant wardrobe that fits her lifestyle. While most of us might not get to order our wardrobe direct from the runways, at bYSI®, you have access to the latest styles and easy-to-match accessories to create a functional yet chic wardrobe for every day of the week and for every occasion.

At present, bYSI® has traveled beyond Singapore’s shores to ten countries, namely United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Vision, Mission And Core Values

Brand Vision

For every women around the globe to have access to chic fashion

Brand Mission

To deliver the latest fashion to every woman for every occasion

Brand Values

Lifestyle, functionality, accessibility, commercial luxury



From a humble store in Tiong Bahru Plaza 18 years ago, bYSI® has become an essential fashion choice for the sophisticated women of today. In celebrating bYSI's 10 Anniversary, a charity-driven celebration was organized that actively involved bYSI customers to give back to the community.

In just 10 years, the bYSI®brand has travelled beyond Singapore’s shores to fourteen countries in the region, spreading its ideology of aiming to dress every woman in the latest fashion, fresh from the runways.